Dr. Paul Gene Hood Funeral

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Today May 1, 2015 Dr. Paul Gene Hood was laid to rest at 77. I attended the funeral service in Southport Indiana. This was not a traditional funeral service as I am used to. This was more like a revival, an old fashioned camp meeting like I remember as a child. Reverend Ben Crawford lite it off with numerous tribute letters from educators, pastors and world leaders. Pastor Crawford was articulate, forceful, well spoken, in a very evangelistic style as I would discover was the total tone of the day.

The entire service was under the watchful eye of Dr. Hood in an open casket, watching all of us.

Dr. Hood’s longtime friend Greg Zoeller, attorney and now Attorney General of the state of Indiana made some heart warming and amusing remarks.

Reverend Wayne Yallo Ninjipa brought his country’s heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Hood’s steadfast pledge to his ministry and the people in Papua New Guinea.  While Dr. Hood lay dying in  the hospital last week a 404 year old King James bible was being donate by he and his family to the government of PNG. 20,000 people turned out at the PNG Airport to receive the Bible and pray for Dr. Hood.

The church was decorated with a massive display of flowers including a beautiful arrangement from his friend the Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.

The “Hood Family Singers” in mass, including everyone down to the great grand children were on stage to sing “I can Trust Jesus”

Other music was offered by Steve and Nicole Cassay. One of the songs they did was a melody on “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, Very moving.

Rev. Rollin Mitchell gave a forceful and stirring sermon that had just about everyone on their feet. Just short of an “Altar Call” he invited those moved to come pray around the casket with him. 90% of the congregation advanced to the front of the church.

The final tribute to Dr. Hood, was all the pastors forming double column with their King James Bibles, yes, only King James Bibles held over the casket as the Hood family moved the Casket from the church to the hurst.

This is a funeral I will never forget.

Dr. Hood and I were as different as night and day but we had a genuine mutual respect for each other. We used to joke about how much we learned from each other, but I was the winner he taught so many things that creep into my daily life. What a honor and joy it was to have had the opportunity to know and work with my friend Gene Hood.

I will put a link here in the future if you are interested in watching this two hour and 30 minute epic event.

Here is a very poor quality recordings of a little of the music, Tributes and Sermon we heard during the funeral today. I recorded it on my IPhone. If you are really interested in hearing these recordings I suggest you listen with earphones.

Here is Randy Hood with his tribute to his dad.

This is the end of the “fire and brimstone” Message delivered by Reverend Rollin Mitchell.

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