About Us.

Global American Enterprises Inc has been operating since 1968 under several different names. GAE has been in use since 1992 as a Florida corp. Global has been in the business of building tower in Colorado, Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas. GAE has been engaged in radio station ownership, management, engineering and satellite programming development. In 2013 GAE sold Global American.  During the construction of the new condo we had our electrical contractor pull sufficient electrical wiring circuits to provide safe power to 7 racks. I continue to operate maintain the radio stations from the condo. This has raised an issue as two of the residents suggested we were operating a business from the condo and should be shut down and the condo regs forbid operating a business from a residence. I need to make this perfectly clear to anyone who questions my assisting the Catholic stations. I am not operating my home office as a business. There are no frequent UPS shipments coming and going. No one comes to the studio. All operations are done by remote control. I have always had a studio in my home and Condo’s that I have owned all my life. I love to edit programs from my friends, provide weather reports during hurricanes and provide them to the stations. The stations  provide me a stipend each month to partially cover my Comcast bills, ShareFile, Wed Fees,  and Streaming fees.

I also frequently travel to Colorado and Indiana as well as the Catholic Diocese in Orlando to assist them with their radio facilities. I also continue to build towers in Indiana and Colorado. Our tower business is located in Indianapolis. We also operate broadcasting facilities in Indianapolis as well as a Technical Operations Center to feed XDS Satellite signals to various radio station throughout the US that can not install large dishes. GAE does special remote broadcasting and studio production from Indianapolis, some of which is remotely operated from Vero Beach. I am still very active in the broadcasting business and will continue to do so. What I do at the condo in Vero Beach is similar to a day trader except, I sometime do it 18 hours a day connecting to different stations, transmitters and tower sites all over the world. This is similar to a ham operator except dealing with real radio stations and tower. YES, this is my hobby! At this writing I am 76. I love The Condo. I do not disturb anyone and provide a service to the residents during storms with my expertise. When I sold GAB I retained the GAE corporation. I receive no compensation from GAE, GAE is simply a holding company  for tax purposes.

Now that I have that out of the way. I started in radio when I was 10 years old at WORK, York, Pa as a gofor. I started doing live remote radio broadcasts when I was 14 with equipment I purchased from mowing lawns. I was a cameraman  (boy 15) at WSBA TV Ch 43 York Pa. Upon moving to Florida I got my first job working  as a board operator for WMFP 100.7 Fort Lauderdale, owned by Percy Crawford. I later purchased that station. In 1963 I built WAEZ in the Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach. I also worked for WEAT TV Channel 12 as a Transmitter operator and WQXT in Palm Beach as Chief Engineer. Following a stint in the USMC I built WMJR Fort Lauderdale an early FM Beautiful Music Station. I also built WQMR and WGAY Washington and Silver Spring MD. When I returned from DC. I purchased WMJR 100.7 (now Y-100). I operated WMJR as a beautiful music station till I sold it to Cecil Heftel in the early 70’s. During our ownership of WMJR I purchased my first tall Tower with Joe Amaturo in Hollywood Florida. We owned that tower for 20 years. From there I purchased an AM and FM station in Fort Pierce, Florida. We developed the AM and sold it. We joined forces with Frank Sapin and built a 1,549 tower to develop the FM 98.7. Once Completed 98.7 had a signal from Boca Raton to Melbourne. During the Fort Pierce Years I got involved with 3 airlines and built the first FM Stereo station in Panama City, Panama.

More later, we are up to 1980. Plenty more to come. Stay tuned.