Studio Microphones

These are the Studio Microphones I suggest for on the air work and production. ¬†Condenser microphones are better but unless you have a well soundproofed studio they pick up sounds you don’t want.

This is a Heil PR- 40 Studio Mic American Made. Better that an RE-20 or 27. for Under $350.00

Heil PR-40 Studio Microphone. Click here to purchase.

Shure SM 58 Beta. This is the best Microphone to take on a Remote. Excellent Noise reduction, High output. Rugged. It will take a beating. Under $160.00.

This is a good microphone for remotes. You have to work it close and you will need a windscreen. Very directional, good noise eliminator. 

Shure SM 58 Beta. Click here to purchase

Microphone stands I use.

Desk Travel Stand. Lightweight, Collapsible, Under 20.00 Click here to purchase.
I like this one for the studio, Heavy duty. Under $30.00. Click here to purchase.


Another travel stand Collapsible, lightweight under $30.00 Click here to purchase

  Mic Accessories.

On the left the Shure USB to XLR adapter. You will need two Mic cable to make this work. Very handy to use a Broadcast Microphone in your USB on your computer.
In the Center is the dbx Mic processor, preamp. This is a great little unit for the price.
On the right a 6 foot Mic cable for under $7.00. Good value XLR each end.
Shure X2U USB to XLR Adapter. Click here to purchase under $100.00
XLR Mic Cable 6 Feet under $7.00 Click here to purchase


dbx 286s Mic preamp/processor Under $200.00 Click here to purchase



Shure SM 58 Beta Windscreen
Click here to order this Wind Screen Under $10.00

Yeti Blue USB all in one Microphone-Stand-Headphone Volume Control Under $130.00

This Microphone is unique as it is reasonably good. It has 3 patterns. It can be used by 2 people sitting across from each other or Directional for just one person or Omni Directional for all around pickup. The price is right. It is only a desk stand Mic and it is heavy. Not so great for remotes.

Click here to purchase the Yeti Blue USB Microphone Under $130.00

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone Under $150.00

This is a good studio microphone, not great for remotes

Click here to purchase this Microphone Under $150.00