CR Pete McDonald

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Pete Mcdonald passed away Saturday January 21,2017. Pete was a long time friend and our Lawyer. There aren’t many people I know that were as intelligent as Pete. He was absolutely brilliant, he had a very sharp, quick mind. He was also a little crazy. I actually saw him put a dog on the stand to testify. The dog didn’t say much but Pete’s client won the case.

Pete won a case for me one time where I was awarded more than he ask for. Somehow he managed to get my accountant in the Jury Box with Jurors much to the amazement of the opposing attorney who he kept calling Herman Melville.

He kept a local doctor (one of Pete’s best friends) out of jail by asking the judge to make the doctor stop practicing medicine because he was old and didn’t know what he was doing. The Doctor never spoke to him again, but of course the doctor also never went to jail.

He used to always tell me I was his “fifth best friend” once Pete stopped drinking I ask him, now that had a clear head where I stood. He told me I wasn’t even in the running. Some questions are better never asked.

During an early part of another trial a note was passed to Pete as he was addressing the jury. He paused and read the note to the Jury. It said, “my wife thinks you (the joueurs) think Herman Melville (the opposing lawyer) is more handsome than me and you may like him better”. At that point Pete in a very loud voice said THIS CASE ISN’T ABOUT MY LOOKS OR HERMAN MELVILLE’S LOOKS, IT’S ABOUT THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH…. NOW PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FACTS.

Oh yes, there is something to be said about small town law!

We all love you Pete Mcdonald. Our memories of you will remain with us for a long time.

Pete was definitely one of the most colorful, fun, amusing and generous people in Fort Pierce when I lived there. The generous part was not well known.

Ron Crider

Pete passed away  after a terrible fall. He had 2 broken vertebrae in his neck and a subdural hematoma.
He was out off the hospital and in rehab, but his mind went.
I’m headed to WB this after noon. Chris is already there. Will return Thurs .to Fl.
My heart is heavy and am so very sad.
Claudia Mcdonald