Apps 8/30/17

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Here is a letter I received from  8/28/17     Regarding Apps

Dear Ronald E Crider,

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #721707 with the following response:


Hello Ronald,

Apple is no longer accepting apps that are created from a commercial template (see Apple’s new guidelines below, specifically highlighted in yellow). Our apps are made from a template we created that stations can then customize, however, Apple is not allowing this type of app in their App Store anymore. This change is affecting all app developers.

Apple is only allowing custom apps with a completely unique framework. THIS APPLIES TO ANY OF OUR COMPETITORS THAT PROVIDE TEMPLATE STYLE APPS AS WELL.

Existing apps will work fine and remain in the store, but they just can never be updated.

This means we are going to be rolling out web apps in the next few weeks. A web app is a downloadable app directly from your website, bypassing the app stores altogether. Web apps are created to have the same look, style, and functionality of a native app.

Web apps will replace the need for iOS and Android apps… and you’ll only have one web app that’s universally compatible and responsive on all devices, including Kindles!

We are not doing any further native app development going forward. Web apps are becoming the new native apps 🙂 As soon as our web app is ready it will be immediately available for you to customize and link to via your control panel. There’s nothing to submit or get approved. All you’ll have to do is copy/paste the link to your web app onto your website and listeners will be able to download it onto their devices.


a. No costs involved (vs. having a custom native app developed)
b. No developer fees
c. Immediately available upon streaming account activation
d. No review/approval process
e. No hefty rules/guidelines to follow
f. Endless possibility of features and functionality
g. Downloadable right from your website instead of being redirected to the app stores and getting lost
i. Icon gets placed on home screen immediately
h. Changes and updates are done instantly and take effect immediately
i. Users don’t ever have to update the app.
j. No app worksheets to fill out


However, if you still want a native app available in the app stores, we suggest finding a third-party app developer for a custom app. Here are 2 companies you can contact:



  1. Considerable cost
  2. Mandatory developer fees
  3. Can take a long time until app is created
  4. Subject to guideline changes at any time by Apple and Google
  5. Limited functionality
  6. App gets lost in the shuffle among competitor apps
  7. Long review/approval process with high rate of rejections
  8. Changes and updates to apps require resubmission and another long review/approval proces
  9. Changes and updates require users to update their version of the app

Thank you,