Streamin Equipment

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Dell 2017 Dell Inspiron 15 5566 Laptop: Core i5-7200U, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB Solid State Drive SSD, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Professional This is the computer I use now for the main streaming computer. SSD Drive. It should give  you many years of great service. Lexicon Alpha USB interface between your ASI Output and the […]

World Travel Video

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World Travel Video This video was made in 1988 using a CCD Sony Broadcast Camera, Edited in D2. Unfortunately this video is an NTSC Copy off a VHS Tape.   Christmas in Zermatt Switzerland a Production from the World Travel Video Collection Produced in 1988     Klosters/ Davos Switzerland Production from the World Travel […]

Darrel Peters

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Darrell Peters 1933-2017 Darrel Peters, whose name was once synonymous with “beautiful music” on Chicago radio, died Tuesday in Barrington. He was 84. I had the opportunity to meet Darrel Peters in October 2006. Tim Disa and I drove to Darrel’s home near Chicago and spent several hours reminiscing the radio business.  Darrel was truly […]

Apps 8/30/17

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Here is a letter I received from  8/28/17     Regarding Apps Dear Ronald E Crider, A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #721707 with the following response:   Hello Ronald, Apple is no longer accepting apps that are created from a commercial template (see Apple’s new guidelines below, specifically highlighted […]

Remote Login Software

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Remote Login Software DualMon Compared to Logmein this is the best deal on the planet. I was paying $1,500 a year for 25 computers. Their price $149.00 Total for all 25 computers. The software works as well or better than Logmein.  My new friend Chris Ark turned me onto this. I am converting all my […]