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Professional Codec’s we recommend Comrex Access Bric-Link Rack for  studio use. $2,749.00  This unit will accept call from Luci-Lite as well as the Bric-Link and the Access Portable. This unit is the backbone of all professional broadcasting operations.    The Comrex Access portable is outstanding, but can be a little trickier connecting from hotels. This […]

Dr. Paul Gene Hood Funeral

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[huge_it_slider id=”1″] Today May 1, 2015 Dr. Paul Gene Hood was laid to rest at 77. I attended the funeral service in Southport Indiana. This was not a traditional funeral service as I am used to. This was more like a revival, an old fashioned camp meeting like I remember as a child. Reverend Ben […]

Rate Card

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Global Catholic Broadcasting Revised 4/1/2015 Streaming Service Only: We can set you up with our own streaming service where you use your own equipment and stream to our streaming servers.This service provides your a free Android and Apple App as well as a custom PC Streaming Player. Under this service we will design, build and […]

Long Time Broadcast Owner, Dr. Gene Hood, Passes – Estate is Selling All Colorado Radio Stations

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Pilgrim Communications owner Dr. P. Gene Hood passed away Saturday April 25 in Indianapolis Indiana at the age of 76 as a result of a heart attack. Dr. Hood has been active in broadcasting for over 25 years, owning stations in Indianapolis, Franklin Indiana, and 5 radio stations in Colorado. Dr. Hood’s final  wishes were […]