Mini Streaming-Broadcast Station

Mini Streaming-Broadcast Station

Mini Air-Stream Broadcast System

This system will broadcast live to the Internet when streaming to Securenet Systems. The system is designed to operate 24/7. It can not time shift programs. The system is designed to automatically switch to the local studio and back to the network on a timed basis. The system will run all the EWTN Clocks and fill all the breaks. You may produce pre-recorded programs to be inserted into the station operating log to run at any time. It will automatically change daily logs for each day of the week. We have included Natural Grid, a simple station log builder and Goldwave audio editor. The system also includes Second Copy with a backup hard drive for the Automation Computer.

Catholic Mini Streaming-Broadcast Station
Revised 5/13/15
Equipment Cost
Laptop Computer Intel Chip-set 4 GB Ram Automation $329.00
Laptop Streaming Computer $200.00
Lexicon Alpha USB Interface Streaming Computer $50.00
Lexicon Alpha USB Interface Automation Computer $50.00
Broadcast Tools ASC 4.1 (4) Channel Switcher Silent Sensor $389.00
Audio Processor automatic gain control $500.00
BSI Simian-Lite Software $499.00
Barix 100 Xtreamer $200.00
Natural Grid Programming Software $99.00
Chronos Time Sync Software $10.00
Goldwave Editing Software $60.00
USB to Serial Adapter $8.00
Second Copy Backup system $29.00
Backup Hard Drive $70.00
USB 4 port HUB $8.00
(9) Audio Cables $135.00
Ethernet Cables $90.00
Internet Switch $25.00
UPS Power 1000 $175.00
Totals $2,926.00
All prices are subject to change

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